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<h1>Gas Mask Help</h1>
<br />
- <p>Hosts file is an application for mapping hostnames to IP addresses.<br />
- Gas Mask provides an editor for changing
- contents of the system hosts file. It also facilitates easy switching between different hosts files and even
- host files downloaded from the Internet.</p>
+ <p>The Hosts file is a text file used by an operating system for mapping hostnames to IP addresses.</p>
+ <p></p>Gas Mask is an Hosts files manager.</p>
+ <p></p>It can modify the system Hosts file, edit various Hosts files, manage several sets, use hosts files downloaded from Internet.<br />
+ You can also quickly switch to set one of them as the current Host file.</p>
<br />
- <p>For more information see: <a href=""></a></p>
+ <p>For more information see <a href=""></a></p>

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