2nd Rate Geniuses

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forked from github/hubot

A customizable, kegerator-powered life embetterment robot.

Updated Nov 19, 2012

Ruby 5 0


Suck it.

Updated May 16, 2012


forked from activemerchant/active_merchant

Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is written by Tobias Luetke, Cody Fauser, and contributors. The aim of the project is to feel natural to Ruby users and to abstract as many parts as possible away from the user to offer a consistent interface across all supported gateways.

Updated Mar 13, 2012


forked from southgate/spork

A DRb server for testing frameworks (RSpec / Cucumber currently) that forks before each run to ensure a clean testing state.

Updated Feb 3, 2012