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An environment control module expert system written in PySWIP.
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An environment control module expert system (simulation.) It uses a hybrid of Python and Prolog called PySWIP where the user client is in Python and the knowledge database is in Prolog.

In order to run this program you will need:

  • Python 2.7.2 32-bit (Python license; GNU compatible) or a backwards compatible version.
  • PySWIP 0.2.2 32-bit (GPL v2)
  • Prolog 5.10.4 32-bit (LGPL)
  1. Install Prolog.
  2. Install the Python/PySWIP packages.
  3. On Windows: Duplicate swipl.dll and name the duplicate libpl.dll.
  4. On Windows: Add Prolog's bin directory (\pl\bin) to your PATH.
  5. Run the application.