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Convert imputed DNA.Land VCF to 23andMe raw data format
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These scripts convert an imputed DNA.Land VCF into the 23andMe V3 raw data format. is used to convert the VCF file and any additional 23andMe raw data file (adds 23andMe indentifiers) into an indexed SQLite3 database for quick searching. then inserts genotypes into the blank V3 file retrieved from the database by chromosome, position and identifier.

The script accepts both compressed and uncompressed data files.


Please use responsibly! If you intend to upload imputed data to online DNA genealogy tools, please also delete it again so as not to pollute these websites with potentially false data. I have thought of deleting these files but they are already mirrored in other places now.


  • Python3


python <INPUT_VCF> vcf <OUTPUT_DB>
python <INPUT_23_RAW> 23andme <OUTPUT_DB>

Usage Example

python imputed.vcf.gz vcf genome.db
python 23andme genome.db
python genome.db blank_v3.txt genome_Fred_Bloggs_Full_20140628012345.txt
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