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This module contains generic repeat commands that can be used following any
other command, e.g. "go down" or "delete" x many times. The repeat commands are
the ordinal representation of the total number of times to execute the
command, so "go down 4th" will go down 4 times.
A few reasons to use ordinals:
- Regular numbers are already heavily used
- Made up words are difficult to learn and remember
- Ordinals don't need to be memorized
- Ordinals are not likely to collide with other commands
from talon.voice import Context, Rep, talon
ctx = Context("repeater")
ordinals = {}
def ordinal(n):
Convert an integer into its ordinal representation::
ordinal(0) => '0th'
ordinal(3) => '3rd'
ordinal(122) => '122nd'
ordinal(213) => '213th'
n = int(n)
suffix = ["th", "st", "nd", "rd", "th"][min(n % 10, 4)]
if 11 <= (n % 100) <= 13:
suffix = "th"
return str(n) + suffix
for n in range(2, 100):
ordinals[ordinal(n)] = n - 1
ctx.set_list("ordinals", ordinals.keys())
def repeat(m):
o = m["repeater.ordinals"][0]
repeater = Rep(int(ordinals[o]))
repeater.ctx = talon
return repeater(None)
ctx.keymap({"{repeater.ordinals}": repeat})
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