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Better errors during installation if Keyboard Maestro Engine isn't ru…


Hopefully this will also stop CPAN Testers complaining at me
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1 parent e596787 commit cad3f269f501de5511d9b1a200b2b9c1a38a5a80 @2shortplanks committed Dec 6, 2012
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@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
1.01 Better (and more accurate) documentation.
Tests to ensure non-existent variables return the empty string
Better error messages when you use an invalid variable name
+ Better error messages during installation when no Keyboard Maestro Engine
-1.00 Initial release
+1.00 Initial release
@@ -1,3 +1,34 @@
+ # indicate for CPAN testers that we only support OS X
+ unless ($^O eq "darwin") {
+ die "OS unsupported\n";
+ }
+ # check that Keyboard Maestro is running and cowardly refuse to
+ # install if it's not
+ unless (`ps x` =~ /Keyboard Maestro Engine/ || $ENV{PERL_KM_FORCE}) {
+ print STDERR <<'BLURB';
+This module requires Keyboard Maestro to be installed. The Keboard Maestro
+Engine (the doohicky that sits in your menubar) doesn't seem to be running.
+You can download a version of Keyboard Maestro (with a free trial) from:
+Giving up without creating a Makefile. Please re-run Makefile.PL once you've
+installed and started Keyboard Maestro Engine.
+(If for some reason you really want to install this module without first
+installing Keyboard Maestro and you don't mind the test suite of this module
+failing then set the PERL_KM_FORCE environment variable to true before running
+this Makefile.PL)
+ # as per
+ exit 0;
+ }
use inc::Module::Install;
name 'Mac-KeyboardMaestro';

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