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2.03 Wrap qw() with () in foreach loops (thus avoiding deprecation
warnings on 5.14. (Thanks to Gabor Szabo for pull request)
Fix tests to delete sqlite test database on Windows (Thanks
to Gabor Szabo for pull request)
2.02 Changed "label" to "diagnostic" (but kept backwards compatible
accepting of old object.)
Fix bug where an invalid comparison operator would cause test
failure rather than throwing an exception (bad input should
create exceptions, not fail tests)
Added better error messages when passing invalid tests in.
Improved commenting and flow control for better maintainability.
2.01 Add tests that use DBD::SQLite to test a real database
Fix the bugs with the DBI interface (thanks to ilmari for pointing
these out)
2.00 Added Test::DatabaseRow::Object and Test::DatabaseRow::Result.
Rewrote Test::DatabaseRow to use these classes to do everything
Added "all_rows_ok" function and ability to check all database rows
improved test coverage.
Fix for bug where
tests => [ "time" => "2011-11-11 11:32:26" ]
would have been interpreted as
tests => { '==' => { "time" => "2011-11-11 11:32:26" } }
tests => { 'eq' => { "time" => "2011-11-11 11:32:26" } }
1.05 fix for 5.13.6+ new regualar expression stringification breaking our own
test suite
Moved to Module::Install instead of Module::Build.
Add standard Kwalitee tests and make them pass.
Fixed the eval statements to cope with resetting of $@ in a DESTROY
block (an issue in Perl 5.12 and below)
Addressed a bug that could leave fatal errors enabled on on the passed
database handle after an exception had been raised
Addresses a bug where the arrayref passed as the "sql" argument
would be altered
Improved the documentation
Refactored a lot of code; Switch bracing convention. Removed the
sub package.
Disabled "use warnings" making this compatible with 5.004
(this release never made it to the CPAN)
1.04 added utf8 hack to allow data from the database to be marked as utf8
before it's compared to anything
1.03 added the ability to get at the results after you've run row_ok
1.02 Added Build.PL to the MANIFEST (oops)
Patches from Andy Lester to mean:
Fixed docs on not_row_ok.
results, max_results and min_results now show the actual
incorrect values, instead of hardcoded leftovers.
1.01 added negative assertions, due to request from pudge and
Andy reminding me about it.
1.00 finally fixed warnings problem with Leon Brocard's help
added bind parameters with arrayref being passsed to sql
added documentation of how to use with SQL::Abstract
0.06 allowed test without 'tests' to just check for existance
of rows
0.05 added Test::Warn based tests
0.04 verbose mode added
WHERE 1 = 1 removed due to Richard Clamp's nagging
0.03 NULL behavior added
Proper error messages for missing columns
check die on problem with the SQL
0.02 Documentation typos patched by Kate L Pugh
0.01 Inital Release
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