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2.50 Add the ability to have future timestamps
2.10 Change diagnostics to show what time we're comparing against.
Very useful when looking at old log files from jenkins hours later...
Add a postgres torture test in the authors test section
2.05 Add ability to set "now" that we're comparing against
2.04 Add suport for epoch seconds
2.03 Ignore nanoseconds to account for DateTime->now() not returning
nanoseconds and therefore erroneously determining that a timestamp
created with nanoseconds occurred in the future when it's just more
2.02 Add support for Postgres TIMEZONE WITH TIMESTAMP type dates
2.01 Remove spurious use of Test::MockTime from test suite
(Thanks to many CPAN Testers for pointing this out)
2.00 Move to DateTime::Format::ISO8601 from DateTimeX::Easy because
timezones do not work in the latter
1.01 Improved handling of bad times
1.00 Initial release to the CPAN