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Oqtane Platform

Oqtane is a modern Blazor based platform similar to Dnn. It's inspired by the Dnn model but uses the latest .net core and more.

馃憠 As of May 2021 2sxc works great on Oqtane as well.

Install Oqtane and 2sxc

馃憠 See

Features Not Yet Implemented in Oqtane

  1. The QuickE Toolbar is not implemented in Oqtane, adding modules requires you to enter edit mode and use Oqtane dialogs
  2. Enterprise Web Farm Cache isn't supported yet (in DNN: it's a paid add-on)
  3. CSP implementation works but isn't fully automated, as it has special challenges with the page only loading once
  4. Inner content is believed to work, but not fully verified
  5. Integration into the theme or container isn't possible yet (new for Dnn in v14)
  6. Automatic adding HTTP headers isn't fully tested and may have some issues
  7. Adding more HTML tags inside the <head> tag only works for JS/CSS, custom tags are probably not supported yet

Global Content Files

ADAM works and images uploaded will automatically work. But as of now, you cannot have shared files in a global folder structure for re-use in many places yet. You can of course re-use an entity with files, but not place a file in a global (like Portals) folder for use.

Image Resizer won't work on Global Content Files

Image Resizer works for app-assets (like the app-icon) and for ADAM assets, but not for files in the \Tenants\x\Sites\x\ folder


  • 2sxc 12 was developed for Oqtane 2.0