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## The Mobius Forms App This **Mobius Forms** App is an add-on to DNN. It is _the most customizable Form extension_ in the DNN ecosystem. This means that it
  1. can be used to create a simple contact form in one minute
  2. can be modified to be any other form you need
  3. can be used as a starting point for your own AJAX forms in DNN

The app is built with the pattern Don't be DAFT (DAFT = Densely Abstract Features for Techies), aka the Anti-Abstraction pattern. So customizing it is mostly done using common technologies like HTML and if necessary, jQuery and C#.

Quick Intro To The Mobius Forms App for DNN

A DNN App is like a DNN module, just way better :). Since this is an open-code/open-source 2sxc-app, you can customize it to be anything you want! This list just shows what it already does, so you know what you get out-of-the-first-box.

  1. Pre-Built Forms for use or learning
    1. Basic contact form with Subject, Message, Name, E-Mail
    2. A support-request form with a dropdown-example
    3. An example with JS show/hide logic and saving raw JSON-data
  2. AJAX, so no page reloads for validation, sending or messages
  3. Recaptcha (optional) validation on client and server
  4. data is saved, together with the Timestamp, SenderIP, optionaly generated Title or even raw JSON-data
  5. sends various e-mails, which are razor-templateable and has Reply-To and CC options
  6. multi-language labels and messages, already translated into English and German/Deutsch
  7. field validation uses html5 and jQueryValidation and works with multiple forms on the same page
  8. you can easily review / manage / filter the submitted items in a table-view
  9. export all submissions into an Excel-compatible XML format
  10. open code C# WebApi easy to customize if you ever need to

Because it's so simple and uses 2sxc, you can easily

Getting Started

This app is only useful is you use DNN. So assuming you have a DNN installation, all you need to do is install 2sxc and this app.

  • Here's how to install 2sxc and an App of your Choice

  • Now you can use this app as-is, or customize it to be whatever you need it to be.

  • It probably helps to review the Overview about how the parts play together by default, so you can then change as little as necessary to get it to do what you want


The icon was built using the CC icon optical illusion by pedro baños cancer from the Noun Project

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