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The Bootstrap3 Instant Theme for DNN

This theme is a layout/skin for the CMS DNN based on Bootstrap3 and SASS. It allows you to create simple custom designs within minutes and complex designs within a few hours. This is why it's called instant.

What's in the Package

  1. A clean, best-practices, responsive Bootstrap 3 Skin / Theme
  2. ...based on SASS, with a set of variables-files to customize layouts in minutes
  3. An e-mail encryptor to encrypt mail addresses in the layout
  4. A SEO-title optimizer
  5. An automatic svg/png integration for responsive logos
  6. Layout footer implementing SEO microformats
  7. Bower configuration for all dependencies
  8. Gulp to process the sass into the resulting CSS

Theme Installation

There are three ways to install the initial package

  1. By downloading the package and installing it through the web UI of DNN
  2. By using git clone to create a copy of this repository in your Skins folder
  3. By downloading the zip and manually copying it to the Skins folder

You can read more about this under Installation.

Customize and Redesign everything within Minutes

You can now quickly customize and redesign everything within minutes. Check out the instructions on how to Customize and Redesign everything.

Creating Awesome Designed Content

You now have created the layout within minutes or hours, but you're still missing the perfectly designed inner pieces, like tile-lists, content-accordeons, galleries, sliders, blogs and more. Fortunately these are both super-easy to add and use the same mechanisms for design. They can even re-use the variables of your skin, to automatically match look and feel :)

To get the awesome designed content, install 2sxc and the default bootstrap3 content-templates. You can then change the SCSS in the content-templates to also point to the _variables.scss of this skin, and re-generate all styles for an amazingly fast development workflow.

Love from Switzerland

Daniel & Luca

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