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Vidyano is .NET based application platform for building data-driven applications.

For instructions about using Vidyano to develop applications, please refer to

What is Vidyano Web²

This repository contains the complete code for our next generation web client, Vidyano Web². It provides an out of the box, scaffolded, modern Single Page Application (SPA) that interacts with a Vidyano backend.

You can play around with a live demo at

Table of Contents

The following is a table of contents for the documentation found in the docs folder of this repository.

How to run this repository

1. Prerequisites

  • Install Docker installed on your system and make sure Linux containers are enabled.

  • Install Visual Studio Code

  • Install .NET Core 3.1

  • Create/Export your self-signed developer certificate

    // On Windows (via PowerShell)
    dotnet dev-certs https --trust; dotnet dev-certs https -ep "$env:USERPROFILE/.aspnet/https/aspnetapp.pfx" -p "923639d6-6d5a-4b2b-92b8-9a0cf8557eee"
    // On MacOS/Linux (via Terminal)
    dotnet dev-certs https --trust; dotnet dev-certs https -ep "${HOME}/.aspnet/https/aspnetapp.pfx" -p "923639d6-6d5a-4b2b-92b8-9a0cf8557eee"

2. Opening the development container

  • Clone locally and make sure the drive is shared in Docker.

  • Start VS Code

  • Run the Remote-Containers: Open Folder in Container... command and select the local folder

3. Using your new Vidyano Web² development code in an existing Vidyano applicaiton

In the web.config of your Vidyano application, add a new appSetting :

<add key="Vidyano.Web2Version" value="https://localhost:8888" />

Tested using BrowserStack Automated Testing

Vidyano is constantly tested on real browsers using BrowserStack. Big thanks to BrowserStack for providing this testing environment to us.


Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2011-2020 2sky NV. Code released under the MIT license available here