Golang library for working with cbor binary format
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CBOR encoder for Go

Decoder/encoder from Go data to CBOR binary string. This code has been developed and maintained by Ven at March 2014.

CBOR is an object representation format defined by the IETF. The specification has recently been approved as an IETF Standards-Track specification and has been published as RFC 7049.


package main

import (
//custom struct
type Vector struct {
	X, Y, Z int
	Range []Range
	Label string

type Range struct {
	Length int
	Align float32

func main() {
	v := &Vector {
		X: 10,
		Y: 15,
		Z: 100,
		Range: []Range{
			Range {1,10},
			Range {223432423,30},
			Range {3,41.5},
			Range {174,55555.2},
		Label: "HoHoHo",

	//create encoder and marshal
	var buffTest bytes.Buffer
	encoder := cbor.NewEncoder(&buffTest)
	ok, error := encoder.Marshal(v)
	//check binary string
	if !ok {
		fmt.Errorf("Error decoding %s", error)
	} else {
		fmt.Printf("Variable Hex = % x\n", buffTest.Bytes())
		fmt.Printf("Variable = %v\n", buffTest.Bytes())

	//unmarshal binary string to new struct
	var vd Vector
	ok, err := encoder.Unmarshal(buffTest.Bytes(), &vd)

	if !ok {
		fmt.Printf("Error Unmarshal %s", err)
	fmt.Printf("%v", vd)


Checked with PHP extension in encode and decode

Known issues

  • Not support tags. 6 major type (in future)
  • Not support 16 floats encoding
  • Not decode nil (null) vars
  • Encode does't support indefinite-length values.