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How to Install the pre-req packages for PSO on PKS

Before you begin

Make sure you have:

  • bosh cli
  • PKS up and working
  • using the Xenial Stemcell

How to create a build with iSCSI, Multipath-tools, and NFS-Tools apt packages

Clone the repo

git clone

Build the releases for the prereqs.

bosh releases
cd pso_prereqs

bosh create-release
bosh upload-release

Now edit the runtimepso.yaml to match your release note the version number when you do the bosh create-release and add or append this to the runtime-config for Pivotal

vi runtimepso.yaml

Check your current config

bosh runtime-config

If this in non-empty you will have to add the contents of the file runtimepso.yaml to whatever current runtime.yaml file you used to edit your runtime config.

If the runtime config returns empty run this command:

bosh update-runtime-config runtimepso.yaml

Now from your Ops Manager you have to Review the Pending Changes and Apply. This will run through the reprovisioning of the changes. If all goes to plan it will return and finish successfully.

Install Helm

Use the instructions from the PKS and Tiller page here:

helm init --service-account tiller

Install PSO

helm install -n pso pure/pure-k8s-plugin -f pure.yaml


  • This requires the PKS VM's be on the network that has IP access to the FlashArray or FlashBlade. I have yet to find a way to add a NIC to the PKS stemcell for an unroutable (ip storage only) network.

  • I am claiming this method is at least not "unsupported" by PKS. As other third party software uses this to make needed changes to the stem at runtime.

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