Callimachus is a highly scalable platform for creating and running data-driven websites
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Callimachus Project Installation Instructions

| Introduction |

Thank you for your interest in the Callimachus Project. This is the README for Callimachus (Open Source), a Linked Data management system.

Callimachus aims to make Semantic Web applications (much) easier to create. Because this is a community effort, you can help by submitting your applications, upgrades and tools to the Callimachus Project site at

Documentation for Callimachus may be found at:

Please consider joining the mailing lists and participating in the online community so we can serve you better. See for more details.

This software is licensed as defined in the accompanying files LICENSE.txt and LEGAL.txt. These files may be found in the installation directory.

| prerequisites |

You must have Java JDK 7 installed and available with ECMAScript 5 support. Oracle introduced EMCAScript 5 support in Java™ SE 7 Update 1.

Callimachus is expected to work on the following server platforms:

  • Linux i386
  • Linux 64bit
  • Mac on Intel
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

| Configuration |

An SMTP server is required to send an invite email and password and reset user's password. The SMTP server can be configured in the file etc/ A typical file might contain the following block:

mail.transport.protocol = smtp
mail.from = =
mail.smtp.port = 25
mail.smtp.auth = true
mail.smtp.starttls.enable = true
mail.smtp.starttls.required = true
mail.user = system
mail.password = secret

For more options see:

| Installation |

There are two ways to acquire and run Callimachus: Download the ZIP archive or checkout the code repository.

If you download a ZIP archive of a release from, extract it into a new directory. Copy etc/callimachus-defaults.conf to etc/callimachus.conf; change the ORIGIN and PORT to the be the same as the hostname and port (if not port 80). Be sure to remove the preceding comment character ('#') in the .conf file.

To register a Callimachus daemon with the Linux system (to stop Callimachus on machine shut down) run the bin/ script. The Callimachus daemon is only available for Linux. As part of the installation, the script will ask to generate a server certificate. This certificate is used for all https origins and for remote JMX administration.

Execute a callimachus-setup script located in the bin/ directory to initialize the repository. Open your Web browser to http://localhost:8080/ to access the service. Execute a callimachus-stop script located in the bin/ directory to stop the server. To start the server again use the provided start script.

On Linux server run (as root):

# bin/
# bin/

On Linux or Mac desktop run:

$ bin/

On Windows desktop run:

# bin/callimachus-setup.bat

To monitor the activity of the server watch the log/callimachus.log.0 file for log messages. Windows users may find the callimachus-log.bat script useful to monitor the activity without locking the log file.

Alternatively, if you want to check out the source code, you can do so here on GitHub via the command git clone Once you have the source code checked out, you will need to provide a username, email and password. Create a file in the same directory as build.xml. Put the variables "callimachus.username", "", and "callimachus.password" followed by '=' and their value on their own line. Copy src/callimachus-defaults.conf to etc/callimachus.conf and edit file as above. You can then execute 'ant run' from a command line in this top directory to run the server. If some files fail to download you may have to run "ant clean dist" and run "ant run" again.

To test the build run "ant test".

Additional documentation regarding usage and application development may be found on the project's wiki at:

Details of browser support may be found at:

Share your experience or ask questions on the mailing list: You can sign up at