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Ethereum Prometheus Exporter

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This service exports various metrics from Ethereum clients for consumption by Prometheus. It uses JSON-RPC interface to collect the metrics. Any JSON-RPC 2.0 enabled client should be supported. Although, it has only been tested with OpenEthereum.


You can deploy this exporter using the 31z4/ethereum-prometheus-exporter Docker image.

docker run -d -p 9368:9368 --name ethereum-exporter 31z4/ethereum-prometheus-exporter -url http://ethereum:8545

Keep in mind that your container needs to be able to communicate with the Ethereum client using the specified url (default is http://localhost:8545).

By default the exporter serves on :9368 at /metrics. The listen address can be changed by specifying the -addr flag.

Here is an example scrape_config for Prometheus.

- job_name: ethereum
  - targets:
    - ethereum-exporter:9368

Exported Metrics

Name Description
net_peers Number of peers currently connected to the client.
eth_block_number Number of the most recent block.
eth_block_timestamp Timestamp of the most recent block.
eth_gas_price Current gas price in wei. Might be inaccurate.
eth_earliest_block_transactions Number of transactions in the earliest block.
eth_latest_block_transactions Number of transactions in the latest block.
eth_pending_block_transactions The number of transactions in pending block.
eth_hashrate Hashes per second that this node is mining with.
eth_sync_starting Block number at which current import started.
eth_sync_current Number of most recent block.
eth_sync_highest Estimated number of highest block.
parity_net_active_peers Number of active peers. Available only for OpenEthereum.
parity_net_connected_peers Number of peers currently connected to this client. Available only for OpenEthereum.


Go modules is used for dependency management. Hence Go 1.11 is a minimum required version.


Contributions are greatly appreciated. The project follows the typical GitHub pull request model. Before starting any work, please either comment on an existing issue or file a new one.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


Prometheus exporter for Ethereum client metrics



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