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An experimental pure-golang MPEG-2 decoder implementation
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Package mpeg provides an implementation of an experimental pure golang implementation of an MPEG-2 decoder. It is intended as an educational look at some of the patterns and algorithms involved in the ubiquitous technology of video compression/decompression.

This package is experimental and is not intended for use in production environments.



This library is split into four sub-packages:

  • mpeg/ts for parsing and processing MPEG-2 Transport Streams
  • mpeg/ps for parsing and processing MPEG-2 Program Streams
  • mpeg/pes for parsing and processing MPEG-2 Packetized Elementary Streams
  • mpeg/video for decoding MPEG-2 Video


Give it a spin!

go get -d

Decode a frame of video from a MPEG-2 TS and save it as a png

package main

import "os"
import "image/png"

import ""
import ""
import ""

func main() {
  // Open the file
  tsReader, err := os.Open("source.ts")

  // Decode PID 0x21 from the TS stream
  pesReader := ts.NewPayloadUnitReader(tsReader, ts.IsPID(0x21))

  // Decode the PES stream
  esReader := pes.NewPayloadReader(pesReader)

  // Decode the ES into a stream of frames
  v := video.NewVideoSequence(esReader)

  // Align to next sequence start/entry point

  // get the next frame
  frame, _ = v.Next()
  file, _ := os.Create("output.png")
  png.Encode(file, frame)
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