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Run "curl -L | sh" to start a web server
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Getting started

curl | sh


lama is a simple HTTP server that serves files, directories and verbosely logs requests. This project has two main qualities:

  1. Easy to use: lama allows one to start a web server on any Linux/MacOSX using 25 characters, with no requirements (not even libc).
  2. Trustworthy: lama's code and download script are as simple as they can be, thus can be inspected and verified. We have a very shallow dependency tree (just two dependencies other than the Go standard library).


server sports a few command-line flags which configure its behaviour. To pass those flags use

$ curl | sh -s -- <flags>

For example to print the list of available flags

$ curl | sh -s -- --help
Usage of lama:
  -d, --directory string   the directory to serve (default ".")
  -N, --dont-dump          be less verbose and don't dump requests
  -D, --dont-serve         don't serve any directy (ignores --directory)
  -l, --localhost          serve on localhost only
  -p, --port string        port to serve on (default "8080")
  -v, --version            prints the version

How to contribute

All contributions/PR/issue/beer are welcome ❤️.

It's easiest to develop lama using Gitpod, a free one-click online IDE (who I happen to be working on):

Open in Gitpod


Logo based on work from Vectors by Vecteezy.

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