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SparkyJr. is a programmable RGB LED mod companion light up activation controller for arcade pushbuttons on gaming fightsticks.

The hardware is based on AVR microcontrollers and programmed via AVR Studio or the Arduino IDE

note: please use Arduino IDE 1.0.6

Open Source icon

SparkyJr. in it's entirety is open source. Including hardware design, software implementation and libraries

##Software ####Arduino icon Arduino

SparkyJr. Arduino based files are located in the arduino folder

This includes all the files required to upload to your specific AVR chipset.

SparkyJr only has one library dependency. We make use of the EEPROMx library

*for help on installing libraries into the Arduino IDE, please visit the how to on the Arduino site

####Processing icon Processing SparkyJr. Processing based files are located in the processing folder

This includes all the files required to run the configurator.

####Google Chrome icon Google Chrome App SparkyJr.'s configurator is additionally available as a Google Chrome Application and is available unpackaged in the google folder

##Hardware ####Eagle Cad icon Eagle CAD All of the PCB design, schema and board layout files where designed in CadSoft's Eagle Cad PCB software.

The .sch and .brd files are available in the eagle folder.

####SparkyJr. hardware variants all versions are currenlty supported in the new SparkyJr software and configurator

v1 v2 (pwm) v3 (ftdi) (32u4) v4 (current) v4 (expansion)
retired retired deprecated current release expansion board
Arduino icon Arduino icon Arduino icon Arduino icon Arduino icon
ftdi sch brd sch brd sch brd
32u4 sch brd


Arduino icon

Start up your Arduino IDE and open Sparky.ino The only file you need to change settings in is the setup.h file

to identify your board to the SparkyJr software, simply uncomment the right line the comments in the code indicate the proper name

** @desc DRIVER = Arduino WS2811 Shield
** @desc LEO = Arduino Leonardo
** @desc SPARKY = SparkyJrFTDI
** @desc UNO = Arduino UNO
** @desc JOY = Arduino Joystick Shield
** @desc RAZER = Razer Atrox Arcade Stick
#define DRIVER
//#define LEO
//#define SPARKY
//#define UNO
//#define JOY
//#define RAZER

to identify your RGB LED type to the SparkyJr software, simply uncomment the right line

** @define (ANODE|CATHODE)
** @desc ANODE = Common Anode RGB LEDs
** @desc CATHODE = Common Cathode RGB LEDs
#define ANODE
//#define CATHODE

Complie and Run!


Processing icon

if you are on a Mac, you're in luck. There is a packaged application available for you. Simply download the file

if you are looking to run the application from source, simply download Processing and run the SparkyOfficial.pde file

Should you run into any trouble, or have further questions, feel free to reach out.

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