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Patter is a web client for participating in public and private chat rooms over

Although you can run your own private instances, the main deployment is located at:

Setting up patter

Everything depends on you having node, npm, and grunt-cli installed. We are going to install all the dependencies and then setup a config file.

Your /config.json files should have your app client_id and should look like this:

    "patter_client_id": "sQZSnTo-Cw9EIQyaXm-RnCKijCanJwxL"

Run these commands to get started

Before getting started make sure you have created a config.json file.

>>> npm install
>>> grunt server

You should now be able to navigate to http://localhost:9001 and see your local copy of patter running.

To Distribute Patter

Once you are finished developing patter you can then distribute patter to a production environment. To do so you must generate a version of patter, and then copy all the files to your webserver.

For example:

>>> grunt dist
>>> rsync -avzt dist/*

Once all your files are uploaded you should then have a working version of patter.

Linking to Rooms Externally

If using Pnut's E-mail notifications, users can fill in the custom notification link with{id} for messages, and the E-mails will include links directly to Patter rooms.