Chrome extension that sends your tabs to sleep - like OneTab but without removing them from the tab bar
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TabHibernate is a Browser Extension that will send inactive Tabs into some kind of "Hibernate" mode – Mostly like OneTab but without removing the tabs from the tabbar.

You may download the extension in the Chrome Web Store.

Currently only the Chrome-Version is really supported. Safari-Version needs a maintainer and a Firefox-Version would be nice to have, contact @HorayNarea if you want to do something about that.

Building the extension

Code (or other files) that can be used by both the Chrome and Safari extension are stored in lib/. Browser-specific code is stored in Chrome/ for Chrome and in TabHibernation.safariextension/ for Safari.

To make the files in lib/ accessible from both extensions hard links need to be created. Just run make to create these links.