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Program to convert files from Tektronix's internal format used in the TDS3000 & TDS3000B series to CSV.
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Tektronix File Converter

This program takes the internal format used by Tektronix TDS3000 and TDS3000B Oscilloscopes and converts them to a CSV representation. The tests were run on a TDS3034B and the following assumptions about the internal representation are being made:

  • Binary encoding (ENCDG BIN)
  • Two bytes per sample point (BYT_NR 2)
  • 16 bits per sample (BIT_NR 16)
  • Big-endian byte order (BYT_OR MSB)
  • Signed binary format (BN_FMT RI)

The CSV conversion is printed to standard output.

Sample Usage

chmod +x
./ testdata/test.internal > test.output
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