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### Wired Xbox One Controllers
Always check your controller with the preference pane found at: `Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Xbox 360 Controllers` before creating an issue. If the controller works in this menu, then the driver is operating as intended. If your controller works with this menu, but not with a specific game, then read the [My controller doesn't work with a game!](#my-controller-doesnt-work-with-a-game) section.
If your controller is recognized by the preference pane, but you aren't getting any response from button presses, this is likely due to an issue with macOS 10.11 and later. Apple changed some of the underlying USB code with this release and broke compatibility with some controllers. If you revert to macOS 10.10 or earlier, these controllers will work.
+If the preference pane can't find your controller, make sure that it is listed in `Apple Menu -> About this Mac -> System Report -> Overview -> Hardware -> USB`. This menu should list a device called "Controller." If it isn't listed there, then you likely have a "charge" Micro USB cable instead of a "data" cable. If the cable isn't sending data, then you can't use the driver. Try a different cable.
If you have a third party controller that isn't recognized by the preference pane, make an issue with the "Product ID" and "Vendor ID" of the controller. These can be found by accessing the Apple menu, selecting "About this Mac", and then selecting "System Report..." on the "Overview" tab. On the left hand side of the new window, select the "USB" option under "Hardware". If the controller is plugged in, there should be an entry in this window called "Controller".
### Wireless Xbox One Controllers

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Hi hope you can help, got my imac running on OS Sierra and whatever i download for me to connect an xbox controller it will not work, is there a way to connect an xbox one controller to imac on os sierra

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