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flint is a advanced python client for 360 passivedns HTTP API.
The associated web interface is

basic rrset query example


$ flint rrset A A In rrset
Record times: 2014-08-05 15:21:23 -- 2014-09-23 12:39:22
Count: 1793790  A

Record times: 2014-08-06 14:39:07 -- 2014-09-23 11:31:12
Count: 801  A

Record times: 2014-08-05 15:21:39 -- 2014-09-23 11:24:23
Count: 4758929  A

>>> All Done

basic rdata query example

$ flint rdata All Type In rdata
--------    2014-09-23 11:31:12    2014-09-23 10:20:28

>>> All Done


Usage: ./flint [<rrset>|<rdata>] [<domain>|<ip>] [type] [options]
    ./flint rrset
    ./flint rdata A
    ./flint rrset -l 100
    ./flint rrset --sort='time_first'
    ./flint rrset --before='2014-10-01' --after='2014-08-01 13:12:21'

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose
  -V, --version
  -j, --json            output in json format
  -l LIMIT, --limit=LIMIT
                        limit number of results. [default: 1000]
  -s SORT, --sort=SORT  time_last|time_first|count [default: time_last]
  -R, --reverse         reverse sort
  --before=BEFORE       only output results seen before this time
  --after=AFTER         only output results seen after this time

rrset and rdata support some advanced grammer in use


subdomain match

flint rrset *


flint rrset -s count

sort filed support: time_first, time_last, count

reverse sort

flint rrset -s count -R

filter as first_seen and last_seen

flint rrset --before='2014-10-01' --after='2014-08-01 13:12:21'

before and after support three date format:

  • 2014-08-01
  • 2014-08-01 13:12:21
  • 1408107600 (utc timestamp)


CIDR formatting

flint rdata

the netmask must be >=24

How to run the script?

Before execute the script, a config file that contain the authentication token should be configured properly. Any of the following two methods can be work fine.

  1. echo TOKEN = xxxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx > ~/.netlab.token (Higly recommend)

  2. Create netlab.token file at any path, and assign a specified configuration file while running the script with -c parameter.

    flint rrset -c {PATH}/netlab.token

Apply access token

Please send an email to and apply the token.