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Plumber - The General-Purpose Cross-Language Dataflow Programming

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What is Plumber?

Plumber is middleware for high-performance, general-purpose, cross-language dataflow programming. Plumber allows developer design dataflow based system easily, and provides many features, such as type-checking, generic-typing, metaprogramming, in a language-neutral way. For more details please visit the project home page.

Try Plumber

Try the Application - The PINS Web Server

The Plumber Project home page is actually powered by this web server. The code lives in the Plumber examples repository. You can play with the server in following ways.

  • Try with Docker(Linux Only)
docker run --rm -t -i --network=host haohou/plumber-fileserver-example --port=8080

To serve the files other than the default page

docker run --rm --network=host -ti -v /path/to/serve:/www haohou/plumber-fileserver-example --root=/www

Explore the Framework with the Sandbox(Linux/MacOS/Windows WSL)

You can also use the sandbox environment and try the examples with the Plumber examples repository.


Now we have a tutorial repository in which we demonstrate how we build a simple server software setp by step. In this tutorial we are be able to go through most of the key concepts of Plumber software infrastructure. Follow the link for the tutorial repository.

Useful Links

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