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TADdyn is a Python library that allows to model and explore single or time-series 3C-based data. These datasets are constituted by interaction matrices that describe distinct stages of naturally occurring or induced cellular process such as the cell trans-differentiation, or reprogramming. With TADdyn the user can load at once the raw and normalised interaction binned matrices (Hi-C like matrices) at each of the experimental stages, build 4D models, and finally, extract structural properties from the models. The 4D models reproduce the expected interaction patterns at the experimental time-points, and also describe the structural modifications at intermediate moments (between stages) under the hypothesis that the changes occurring between consecutive experimental time-points are smooth. To do this, TADdyn is designed as a combination of restraint-based modelling, and steered Langevin dynamics of Physics-based chromatin models.


Install LAMMPS as a shared library
1 - Download lammps
git clone -b stable mylammps
2 - Download the colvar modified version
3 - Update the user-defined colvars library
./colvars/ ./mylammps/
4 - Compile colvars library
cd ./mylammps/lib/colvars
make -f Makefile.g++
5 - Install lammps as a shared library
cd ../../src/
include "-DLAMMPS_EXCEPTIONS" in the LMP_INC line in src/MAKE/Makefile.serial
make yes-user-colvars
make yes-molecule
make serial mode=shlib
make install-python
cd ../../
Install packages
conda install -y scipy # scientific computing in python
conda install -y numpy # scientific computing in python
conda install -y matplotlib # to produce plots
conda install -y jupyter # this notebook :)
conda install -y -c pysam # to deal with SAM/BAM files
conda install -y -c imp # for 3D modeling
conda install -y -c bioconda mcl # for clustering
Install TADdyn
1 - Download TADdyn from the Github repository
2 - Install TADdyn
cd TADdyn
python install
cd ..
Try TADdyn
cd test/Sox2


Please, cite this article if you use TADdyn.

Marco Di Stefano, Ralph Stadhouders, Irene Farabella, David Castillo, François Serra, Thomas Graf, Marc A. Marti-Renom. Transcriptional activation during cell reprogramming correlates with the formation of 3D open chromatin hubs Nat Commun 11, 2020, 2564;

Methods implemented in TADdyn

In the actual implementation, TADdyn relies on TADbit for the preparation of the 3C-based datasets from mapping to normalization, and on LAMMPS [Plimpton] for the implementation of the simulations.


[Plimpton]Plimpton, S. Fast Parallel Algorithms for Short-Range Molecular Dynamics. J Comp Phys 117, 1-19 (1995) and Fiorin, G., Klein, M.L. & Hénin, J. Using collective variables to drive molecular dynamics simulations. Molecular Physics 111, 3345-3362 (2013).


TADdyn is a Python library that allows to model and explore single or time-series 3C-based data.







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