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J.A.P. (Just Another Printer) is a tiny firmware for DIY DLP and LCD 3D-printer. Designed to work on Arduino Uno + CNC shild hardware and Creation Workshop software.


  • Z-axis smooth movement
  • Z-axis manual control buttons
  • Z motor manual on/off button
  • Cooler control
  • Servo control

List of Supported G-Codes

  • Motion: G1
  • Pause: G4
  • Motor on/off: M17, M18
  • Cooler on/off: M7(M245), M9(M246)
  • Servo control: M3 Sxxx
  • UV LED on/off: M107/M106

CNC shild v.3 pinout for DLP:


CNC shild v.3 pinout for LCD:



  • #define STP_PER_MM - number of steps per millimeter for your Z-axis
  • #define ACCEL_STP - acceleration in steps per second per second
  • #define ZBUTTON_STEP - minimum number of steps when Z-axis control button is pressed