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Example Configs / WebView to show your RTMP Stream
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Example Configs / WebView to show your RTMP Stream

Create your own Realtime / low latency Stream with a Addon 4 NGINX. I use Plyr as HTML5 Player & make a playback with FLV.js. NGINX will create a FLV HTTP Stream to make a working container 4 the HTML5 Player.


  • Supported Debian / Ubuntu (x86/64 / ARM e.g. Raspberry Pi)
  • Responsive & mobile friendly view
  • Show current viewer / offline & online state
  • FLV / RTMP low latency
  • Show if exist last Record
  • Easy to setup


  • Debian / Ubuntu
  • PHP7.0 or 7.1 (Edit conf/conf/php.conf)
  • Buildtools / Essentials / checkinstall Packages
  • Lib's like XSL and so on....


1935 TCP & 8080 TCP (Port 80 with valid Server_name in conf/vhosts/rtmp configurable)


Compile the NGINX-RTMP Version on your Debian / Ubuntu Maschine.

Execute to start the compile process.

  1. Put the RTMP Content in your exist NGINX Conf file / or use our fully nginx.conf in the conf folder.
rtmp {
        server {
               listen 1935;
	    	meta off;
	        include /usr/local/nginx/conf/vhosts_rtmp/*;

  1. Copy the vhosts folders in your conf area /usr/local/nginx/conf
  2. Copy the www folder in your /home mount.
  3. Execute pkill nginx; sleep 1; /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx start your Webserver.
  4. Now put in example in OBS your Custom Server in the Streaming Settings Example: rtmp://IP/Domain/user & use the Stream Key like stream?key=test1337

Notice: change your Key in the /home/www/rtmp/auth/user.php

  1. Open the URL http://IP/Domain:8080/user

Optional: Recording could enable in in the RTMP Config vhost_rtmp/default uncomment the last two lines.

Have Fun to share your Stream with your friends.


Materialize, a CSS Framework based on material design

Plyr, Video Player

FLV.js, HTML5 Player lib to make FLV over HTTP viewable

RTMP-FLV, nginx-http-flv-module has all features that nginx-rtmp-module provides.


Font Awesome, Symbole & Icon's

Special Thanks to

  • Igor Sysoev (NGINX)
  • Roman Arutyunyan (RTMP Lib)
  • Winshining (Fork & HTTP FLV Support)
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