In this repository you find the 3Dator Marlin Firmware
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In this repository you find the 3Dator Marlin Firmware

how to use

  • Install the latest version of the Arduino IDE
  • open the file Marlin.ino with Arduino IDE
  • upload the firmware onto your printer



  • changed direction of rotary encoder
  • corrected wrong hotend thermistor setting. MAKE SURE TO TEST YOUR PRINT TEMPERATURE AFTER THE UPDATE! Properly the temperature should be 20° lower then before.


  • fixed and activated implementation for babysteps in z axis.
  • after stopping a print hotends and bed will now cooldown, fan on top will stop.


  • added a remaining time calculation on main info screen.
  • fixed inconsistent status messages after print is done or stopped.
  • increased rear fan speed for cooldown after print stopped.
  • fixed strange menu behavior after stopping a print.

05.06.2016 (

  • added versioning
  • added about menu to view version from printer lcd
  • started to implement led menu
  • moved change nozzle menu item
  • added german translations

11.06.2016 (1.0.4)

  • added LED menu to control brightness and colors
  • made nozzle change menu less funky

19.06.2016 (

  • bug fixes

24.06.2016 (

  • fixes stopping when printhead is decelerating
  • prevent printer to move too fast

01.07.2016 (1.0.5)

  • completly reordered menus
  • entering a submenu, the back menu item will be hidden above

08.07.2016 (1.0.5)

  • added thermal runaway protection
  • detect inativity after 10 min: dimm LEDs, disable motors, cooldown, stop fan

18.07.2016 (1.1.0) Dual Extrusion update

  • indroducing Dual Extruder support with one nozzle (two nozzles included but still experimental)
  • changed jerk and acceleration to print smoother

22.07.2016 (1.1.1) EEPROM update

  • led brightness can now be stored in EEPROM
  • new statistics menu

31.07.2016 (1.1.2) bug fixes

  • increased time before printer goes into inactive mode (now 16 min.)
  • fixed bug that top fan won't start with g
  • started adding red indication lights if the hotend and bed is hot
  • renamed struct that was priviously declared in stdio libary
  • fixed bug that bed temperature could not be changed while not printing

08.08.2016 (1.1.3) "real" Dual Extruder

  • now supporting actual dual extrusion with two nozzles and two heaters
  • added translations for statistics menu
  • added support for DYZE DESIGN HotEnd
  • cleaned ultra lcd impementation from unused code

20.08.2016 (1.1.4) bugfixes

  • minor bug fixes and improvements

26.08.2016 (1.1.5)

  • moved temperature menu to prepare menu
  • feedrate now gets reset after every print
  • added a function that gets called when a print is started and one when it is finished
  • removed all unused items from status screen
  • completly removed z height from status menu
  • hard fix for wrong color after sending snake
  • fixed bug that when heating up print can be stopped as expected

02.09.2016 (1.1.6)

  • adjust z height now displays distance
  • beta: long press button in z height menu to save height to offset
  • minor improvements

10.09.2016 (1.1.7)

  • added failsave if bed is missing after print was started
  • fixed status message wrong behavior

05.10.2016 (1.1.8)

  • minor fixes with adjust z height
  • recalibrated e steps (to enable "load failsave" and "store memory")

23.03.2017 (1.1.9)

  • fixed flow 0 appearing even if there is only one nozzle
  • fixed pause print and resume print without refreshing
  • tested filament change, now filament won't get pulled out or pushed in

25.04.2017 (1.2)

  • added support for a filament sensor, printer will pause when filament runs out
  • changed heating up animation
  • added easy configuration for E3D Titan extruder upgrade
  • fixed printtime won't stop after print is finished

22.05.2017 (1.2.1)

  • fixed printtime stayed at 0:00 when printing
  • made buffer longer and fixed homing and turn off steppes when print stopped
  • made sd card file names scroll (thanks to sebastiandeppisch)
  • worked on filament detection
  • activated sanity check, printer will stop heating if termistor falls out

23.06.2017 (1.2.2)

  • added Support for BLTouch BED Probe
  • added easy configuration for E3Dv6 Hotends