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What's New ?

  • Oct'22 - 0.36.7 - Multisensor tracking 🚀
    Nuitrack finally could work with multiple depth sensors. This opens up a huge opportunities like room-scale tracking with increased accuracy. Please stay tuned to get a firsthand experience of the coming Nuitrack Holistic.
  • Sep'22 - 0.36.4 - Failure cases recorder ⚙️
    Not satisfied with the tracking results? Nuitrack now helps to report failure cases to facilitate improvements of tracking engine.
  • Sep'22 - 0.36.2 - Nuitrack Daemon [Beta]
    Use Nuitrack in a language-agnostic way through REST API
  • Aug'22 - 0.36.1 - Person re-identification
  • Jun'22 - 0.36.0 - Astra Pro+ supported
  • May'22 - 0.35.15 - Official support for Orbbec Astra+
  • Nov'21 - 0.35.12 - Python API

Coming soon:

  • 🔜 Holistic skeletal tracking on multiple sensors
  • 🔜 Support for new Orbbec Persee+, Femto (W) devices
  • 🔜 TouchDesigner support (depth map and skeletons export)
  • 🔜 Major update on tracking accuracy

What is Nuitrack™ SDK?

Nuitrack™ is an ultimate 3D body tracking solution developed by 3DiVi Inc.

It enables skeletal tracking and body motion analytics applications for virtually any widespread:

  • depth sensors (Orbbec Astra, Kinect v1/v2, Kinect Azure, Intel Realsense, Asus Xtion, LIPS, Structure Sensor, etc.)
  • hardware platforms (x64, x86, ARMv7, ARMv8)
  • OSes (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • and development environments (C++, C#, Python, Unity, Unreal)

Inspired initially by Microsoft Kinect, Nuitrack™'s mission is to provide strong skeletal tracking baseline for the next generation of immersive and analytical applications beyond any specific platform or hardware. Think of it as a "Kinect for anything".

With its performance and flexibility resulting from 10 years of development Nuitrack™ is capable to support the wide range of applications:

  • from a real-time gesture recognition on embedded platforms like Raspberry Pi4
  • to a large-scale multisensor analytical systems (launched on 18-Cores workstation system)

Now it's all yours - try it, use it, challenge it!

Key Features

After being launched with any supported depth sensor Nuitrack is able to :

  1. Interpret a depth map as 3D Point Cloud
  2. Perform scene analysis, detect key elements like Floor Plane and Background Objects
  3. Detect/track persons in the scene and provide Pixel-perfect Masks for each of them
  4. Perform a highly-sophisticated Full Body Skeletal Tracking (19 Joints) for each person. You can choose between two engines:
    • "classical" - fast, stable and lightweight, highly-optimized for embedded hardware and limited CPU usage
    • AI - new deep-learning based engine, which provides greater coverage for complex poses
  5. Perform a basic Facial Analysis like age and emotion detection
  6. Provide a Hand Tracker and Gesture Recognition higher-level APIs for the development of gesture-based user interfaces

Essentially Nuitrack provides a human-centric spatial understanding tool for your applications to engage with a user in a natural and intelligent way.

Application Areas

  • Games and Training (Fitness, Dance Lessons)
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Smart Home
  • Natural/Gesture-based User Interface (NUI)
  • Full Body Tracking for AR / VR
  • Audience Analytics
  • Robot Vision

Try out Nuitrack with your sensor

It's as quick and simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Download the Nuitrack Runtime package for your Platform of choice
  2. Install it, in case of any issues please follow the Installation Instructions
  3. Just plug-in your sensor and launch Nuitrack executable from start menu You will need Trial or Commercial license that can be obtained from

Start development with Nuitrack

  1. If you use Unity for development please download Unity Package and import it according to this link

  2. If you are C++/C#/Python developer - clone this repository to get a hands-on experience with a libraries and Nuitrack examples

If you have any questions, issues or feature ideas - feel free to engage with Nuitrack Team at our Community Forum.

What’s included in the SDK:

What Description
Documentation Nuitrack documentation
Runtime Components Nuitrack Runtime packages for all supported platforms
C#/.NET and C++ API It allows you to integrate Nuitrack with your C#/C++ applications
Python Wrapper [beta] Nuitrack supports Python API that allows you to integrate Nuitrack with your Python applications
iOS [beta] Get started developing for iOS with Nuitrack
Code Samples These basic examples demonstrate how to use Nuitrack SDK
Unity Package This package allows you to easily integrate Nuitrack SDK into your Unity project
Unreal Engine Plugin This plugin allows you to develop applications with UE 4.20