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[v1.2] 2016.10.19
* FIXED: Fixed bug "Save changes to the following items?" VS IDE
* FIXED: [FileComponent] Fixed bug with copying to internal directory for ``:
Avoids of recursive duplicates of destination when it is internal part of source `D:\test -> D:\test\new`
* FIXED: Fixed incorrect variable names if used Global MSBuild properties like `$(+name = ...)`.
* FIXED: UI. Fixed bugs in "Waiting for completion" & "Hide process".
* NEW: Support of ErrorList pane of Visual Studio - now see also the all errors/warnings here.
* NEW: [MSBuild] Implemented Syntactic sugar `+=` & `-=` - Increment & Decrement operators for numbers and strings
$(n = 0)
$(n += 3.14)
$(n += $(n))
$(desc = "Hello ")
$(desc += "world !")
The documentation here:
* NEW: [SBE-Scripts] Implemented new BoxComponent - Container of data for operations like a template, repeating, etc.
#[Box iterate(i = 0; $(i) < 10; i += 1):
`repeat(expression condition [; boolean silent])`
`void data.pack(string name, boolean eval): In`
The documentation here:
* NEW: [InternalComponent] added StartUpProject property to get/set the project by default or 'StartUp Project.
* NEW: [SBE-Scripts] Added new TryComponent (try/catch) to handle errors:
catch(err, msg)
$(err) - Type of Exception
$(msg) - Error Message
The documentation here:
* NEW: Started support of Visual Studio 15 /tested on Enterprise Preview 4 (25618.00)
Please read here:
Preview 5: We still do not know about the final decision of the team. It will be considered later.
* NEW: [FileComponent] copy.file - new extended signature of `copy.file`:
`void copy.file((string src | object srclist), string dest, bool overwrite [, object except])`
#[IO copy.file({
The documentation:
* NEW: Added additional tool-helpers: gnt.bat, msbuild.bat
* NEW: Added new special MSBuild properties:
* `vsCE_CommonPath` - Common path of library.
* `vsCE_LibPath` - Full path to library.
* `vsCE_WorkPath` - Working path for library.
* CHANGED: MSBuild core. Native expressions now uses InvariantCulture by default. For other culture use CultureInfo, for example:
$([System.DateTime]::Parse("08/21/2016", '$([System.Globalization.CultureInfo]::GetCultureInfo("en-US"))').ToBinary())
See documentation for details.
* CHANGED: C# Mode. IMSBuild: + getProject(string name);
* CHANGED: C# Mode. IEnvironment: added direct access to EnvDTE80.DTE2 (+EnvDTE), Build.Evaluation.Project + prepared list of EnvDTE projects.
* CHANGED: Abort build after first script error (from our engines).
* CHANGED: Updated 7-zip v16.04, AvalonEdit v5.0.3, NLog v4.3.10, Newtonsoft.Json v9.0.1
* NOTE: Now available .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.5 assemblies. Look the Downlods page.
* NOTE: Reviewed with vsSolutionBuildEvent engine v0.12.9
[v1.1] 2016.02.24
* FIXED: UI: possible crash when sorted actions in action list.
* FIXED: Incorrect component re/activation (SBE-Scripts)
* FIXED: Infinite loop with user-variables(+recursive properties) in MSBuild engine.
* FIXED: MSBuild: Fixed incorrect evaluation from double quotes if used `(`, `)` symbols.
* FIXED: `not found component for handling` with vsCE & Core alias (InternalComponent)
* FIXED: [FileComponent] Fixed BOM for all UTF-8 encodings when is used the `replace` methods.
* FIXED: Possible null-reference exception when getting name from "Set as StartUp Project".
* FIXED: Possible crash for COMException in OWP components.
* FIXED: UI: incorrect updating of variable list in Testing tool when the user script is failed.
* NEW: UI: added the Raise item to check the all incoming commands inside sniffer.
* NEW: UI. Added list of the MSBuild Properties in code completion. start with '$('<--
* NEW: Additional MSBuild Property 'vsCommandEvent'
* NEW: Added the code generation Wizard 'Automatic Version Numbering'
* NEW: [InternalComponent] new stdout & stderr properties.
To get data from stdout/stderr for action which is executed asynchronously.
* NEW: Forcing evaluation with MSBuild engine from new MSBuildComponent. (SBE-Scripts)
* NEW: [FileComponent] to download files from remote server.
Method signatures:
- `void addr, string output [, string user, string pwd])` ...
* NEW: [FileComponent] copy() methods to copy selected files / directories to the destination. +mkdir
Fast operations instead of xcopy etc.
Method signatures:
- `void copy.file(string src, string dest, bool overwrite [, object except])`
- `void src, string dest, bool force [, bool overwrite])` ...
* NEW: [FileComponent] delete() methods to delete selected files / directories.
Method signatures:
- `void delete.files(object files [, object except])`
- `void dir, bool force)` ...
* NEW: [FileComponent] BOM (Byte-Order Mark) special names: `utf-8-bom` (0xEF 0xBB 0xBF) & `utf-8`
* NEW: Added NuGetComponent for work with NuGet packages (nupkg) via GetNuTool logic. (SBE-Scripts)
GetNuTool v1.3
Method signatures:
- `void gnt.raw(string command)` ...
* NEW: Added special marker `<#data> ... ` to avoid broken container for unpaired symbols `[`, `]` (SBE-Scripts)
* NEW: [MSBuild core] Global MSBuild properties $(+name = ...) & $(-name = ...)
* NEW: Added SevenZipComponent for work with archives via 7-Zip engine (
Method signatures:
- `void pack.files(object files, string output [, object except][, enum format, enum method, integer level])`
- `void dir, string output [, enum format, enum method, integer level])`
- `boolean check(string file [, string pwd])`
- `void unpack(string file [, string output][, boolean delete][, string pwd])` ...
* CHANGED: Limit for supported containers per action: 2^16 (MSBuild engine)
* CHANGED: Allowed using of the vsCE panel from VS.Output Window. R/W operations. (OWPComponent)
* CHANGED: Allowed evaluation of string arguments with MSBuild engine for:
- BuildComponent
- FileComponent
- FunctionComponent
- NuGetComponent
- SevenZipComponent
* CHANGED: [FileComponent] Default encoding for all I/O operations - `UTF-8 Without BOM`
* CHANGED: [FileComponent] Removed processing of tokens when is used the `write` operations.
* CHANGED: Allowed multiline definitions of all nodes. (SBE-Scripts)
* CHANGED: Updated forms of Boolean type. See the vsSBE documentation. (SBE-Scripts)
* CHANGED: Updated NLog v4.2.3 & Newtonsoft.Json v8.0.2
* CHANGED: Unescaping the quote characters from arguments by default. (SBE-Scripts)
* CHANGED: The ToolsVersion="4.0" now is used by default instead of 12.0 (Targets Mode - Template)
* CHANGED: Other trivial changes and bug fixes.
* NOTE: Reviewed with vsSolutionBuildEvent engine v0.12.7
The documentation:
[v1.0.0] 2015.10.21
* First release. Based on vsSolutionBuildEvent - v0.12.4