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This folder contains 16bit DOS Door Games and Utilities. 📵

Personally, I am using Rick Parrish's GAMESRV to host these on Web Server.

   RACDOS16.ZIP    74,850  01/13/2019  08:52 PM  MPS MCRACE v3.0.9 beta - 16bit DOS BBS DOOR
                                                 Supporting DORINFO1.DEF and DOOR.SYS style
                                                 of dropfile(s).
                                                 Modern Pascal Solutions, LLC. acquired Motor
                                                 City Software Source Code in 1996. Each game
                                                 is being released in 16bit DOS, 32bit/64bit
                                                 for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems

©️ 2019 by Modern Pascal Solutions, LLC. (Dante Bradley, Doug Edwards and Ozz Nixon)