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Modern Pascal v2.0

Modern Pascal is a complete Pascal environment, with binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux, both 32bit and 64bit.

  • We are redesigning our web site, and decided to use this repository as our distribution solution for all operating systems and engines. Where engines refers to Command Line, Apache web server Module, StandAlone socket server and a middleware solution.

Project News (February 2020)

  • Mac OSX 64bit Editions: Command Line Interface (mp2), CodeRunner (coderunner2)
  • Linux 64bit Editions: CodeRunner (coderunner2), Apache Module (celerity)
  • Linux 64bit SSL Editions: Command Line Interface (mp2)
  • Windows 32bit SSL Edition: Base, SSL, ASpell, SSL and ASpell

Coming Soon:

  • Raspberry Pi 32bit: Need time to build on my Pi and deploy for testers
  • Researching cross platform Modem Support

Parallel Projects (ones that depend upon Modern Pascal)

Rhenium A Fidonet Mailer (GUI and Console) support BinkP 1.1 and Extensions

Legacy/X BBS Version 1-A5 (TCP based no modem support)

JAMTosser A cross platform implementation of PKT 2, 2.2 and 2+ to JAM tosser

nntpproxy A cross platform NNTP (Newsgroup/Usenet Compatible) Server - using JAM

CMS Back Office A web based version of our 30+ year old Retail Accounting software