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TwitterReporter: Breaking News Detection and Visualization through the Geo-Tagged Twitter Network
Twitter provides a constant stream of concise data, useful within both geospatial and temporal domains. This project attempts to accomplish a useful and interesting task: using live Twitter data to automatically identify breaking news events in near real-time.
Please see TwitterReporter.pdf for more details.
TwitterReporter was granted increased access to the location-based streaming filter Twitter API. The removed rate-limiting effectively gives us all live, geotagged tweets in the continental US by filtering on a grid system. Although this is important for data quality, the library can still be used on any account.
Currently, the bot processes and cleanses incoming data through the following steps:
1.) the tweet must be geotagged
2.) skip any accounts flagged with non-English languages.
3.) replace whitespace with single spaces (easier to parse)
4.) skip anything with non-printable ASCII characters
5.) remove URLs
6.) remove replies ("RT @foo" syntax)
7.) remove hashtags
8.) remove XHTML encoded characters
9.) remove non-alphanumeric characters
10.) remove stopwords
The stopwords are an aggregated list from 9 different sources, as well as a full geological database. All words are compiled into a single stopwords/generated.txt file that is used by Lucene.
Eventually (work-in-progress), resulting, usable tweets are run through a simple document-frequency (DF) algorithm in geospatial chunks. Other algorithms were experiemented with (IDF, etc.), but thrown out for various reasons (see the paper for explanations). If a topic is found, it is stored along with the tweet that composed it.
The hope is that stored topics can be displayed on a geographic visualization. Google Maps apps, etc. are envisioned.
The Java/XML system is built on the following:
- Twitter4J
- Hibernate ORM
- Apache Lucene
CONTRIBUTIONS ARE WELCOME! Feel free to contact me with any questions!
Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v3.0