We rely on Open Source to build platforms for 3D printing!

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  1. django-migration-linter

    🚀 Detect backward incompatible migrations for your django project

    Python 16 8

  2. fire-pr

    🔥 Create Pull Requests in an approachable way, this extension will streamline your pull request proces

    Vue 8

  3. kotti

    💅 3YOURMIND's design system featured with SCSS, Vue.js components library and many useful components used throughout the applications of 3YOURMIND

    Vue 23 5

  4. vue-comments

    📝 A Vue.js plugin to show comments related to an identifier. This identifier is called projectId internally but since this component is written with a dynamic mindset you can provide your own actio…

    JavaScript 4

  5. vue-yodify

    💬 A Vue.js notification plugin with easy installation and usage

    Vue 2

  6. yoco

    💎 Icons used in the applications of 3YOURMIND.

    Shell 2

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