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cl-opengl is a set of bindings and utilities for accessing the OpenGL,
GLU and GLUT APIs using CFFI.

The examples/ directory contains a couple of examples using cl-glut,
cl-opengl and cl-glu. Note, however, that you can use each of these
independently. In particular, you can use a windowing toolkit other
than (Free)GLUT, if you wish.

build-time configuration:

By default, cl-opengl checks for errors after GL calls where valid,
and disables FP traps around ffi calls to match assumptions of C code
in drivers.

If these cause performance or other problems, they can be disabled by
pushing :cl-opengl-no-check-error or :cl-opengl-no-masked-traps onto
*features* before compiling cl-opengl (probably will need to clear
.fasl caches or force a rebuild with asdf if cl-opengl has been loaded
previously). When disabling the per-call masked fp traps in cl-opengl,
you might need to do so yourself to run on some drivers. See
with-float-traps-masked in the float-features library for a portable


cl-opengl is a set of CFFI bindings to the OpenGL, GLU and GLUT APIs.




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