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# -*- Mode: Makefile; tab-width: 3; indent-tabs-mode: t -*-
@echo "This Makefile is only for rebuilding the low-level bindings from the"
@echo "official .spec file, it isn't needed for normal use. See tools/"
@echo "for instructions for updating bindings."
# allow overriding location of sbcl, for example
# CL="~/lisp/clbuild/clbuild --implementation sbcl lisp" make funcs
CL ?= sbcl --noinform --disable-debugger
@$(CL) --no-userinit --script "tools/generate-bindings.lisp"
# fixme: probably should grab xml file with svn instead of wget?
cd spec && wget -N
cd spec && curl "" -o github-info.json
find . -name ".fasls" | xargs rm -rf
find . \( -name "*.dfsl" -o -name "*.fasl" -o -name "*.fas" -o -name "*.lib" -o -name "*.x86f" -o -name "*.ppcf" -o -name "*.nfasl" -o -name "*.fsl" \) -exec rm {} \;
.PHONY: bindings specs clean note
# vim: ft=make ts=3 noet