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add :cl-opengl-checks-errors to *features* when error checking is ena…


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1 parent 63ff2e9 commit 8fc739240ebb1b2c32ae2c41422f3a6bdadc57f4 @3b committed May 6, 2009
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@@ -40,6 +40,10 @@
(format s "OpenGL signalled ~A."
(opengl-error.error-code c))))))
+;;; in case we want to be able to tell whether we are using a cl-opengl with
+;;; automatic error checking, push something on *features*
+#-cl-opengl-no-check-error(push :cl-opengl-checks-errors *features*)
(let ((in-begin nil))
(defun set-in-begin (a) (setf in-begin a))
(defun check-error (&optional context)

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