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To rebuild/update bindings:

  1. Download updated .spec file (optional):
    In top-level cl-opengl dir
    make specs

  2. Build bindings:
    In top-level cl-opengl dir
    make bindings > /tmp/changed

  3. Look at /tmp/changed file / git diff and see if any names need edited.
    Mostly looking at function names or suspicious value changes in enums, or if any argument types changed in a way that needs manual adjustment.

    For example add - before i64v in

    (defglextfun ("glGetQueryBufferObjecti64v" get-query-buffer-objecti64v) :void
      (id uint)
      (buffer uint)
      (pname enum)
      (offset intptr))

    Just edit the generated file (gl/funcs-gl-glcore.lisp etc.,) it will re-use previous contents on next run.

    Generally try to keep actual words delimited by - in function names, as well as separating type/argument count suffixes like i64v and extension suffixes ARB,EXT,etc. Look at existing functions and try to match them if possible.

    Also check for any new duplicate enum messages, and see special-cases.lisp for example of handling differences between GL and GLES.

  4. If any names were hand-edited, run make bindings again to regenerate package definition to match.

  5. Proofread new function names in git diff or gitk or whatever.