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3Box Profiles Application

This is the home of the 3Box Profiles Application, which is deployed at and works on all standard web3-compatible browsers. The 3Box Profiles Application is built on top of the 3Box user data network and allows users to:

  • create a social web3 profile, which they can use to sign in to Ethereum applications
  • store and manage their information on IPFS, in OrbitDB instances
  • verify their Github and Twitter social accounts for use throughout the web3 dapp ecosystem
  • view their unified, integrated Ethereum and 3Box activity feed

Getting Started

For an overview of 3Box and all of our components, check out the main 3Box project repo.

3Box Profiles App Hero Image


Create a Social Profile

The primary feature of the 3Box Profiles App is that it allows Ethereum users to create a shareable social profile for their Ethereum account. 3Box profiles consist of various public and private information saved by the user and other applications (with the user's consent).

Public Profile

Public profiles are available for all to see. The 3Box Profiles App allows users to add a name, image, description, emoji, twitter, github, education, and work history to their public profile. Third-party applications can save additional information to the user's public profile as well, such as public group affiliations, using the 3Box.js API. Public profiles are available for all to query using the getProfile() method in the 3Box.js API, even without the user's consent – since the information is public.

Private Profile

Private profiles consist of encrypted data and are only made available to specific third-party applications that the user approves. The 3Box Profiles App offers users the ability save email and birthday to their private profile, however applications can save additional information there as well.

View Your Activity Feed

User activity feeds in the Profiles App display a simple, unified view on a user's activity across all Ethereum networks and the 3Box network. The 3Box activity feed relies on the 3box-js getProfile() method and the MetaMask contract metadata library to replace hexadecimal Ethereum addresses with more user-friendly information.

Verify Your Web2 Social Accounts

The Profiles App allows users to verify certain important attributes of their profile so other users and third-party apps can be more confident in the information that users claim about themselves. Users' Twitter and Github account handles are verified and saved to their public profile, while emails are verified and saved to the private profile. The code for verifications can be found at 3box-verifications. Verifications follow decentralized identity (DID) standards proposed by the decentralized identity foundation (DIF), and are issued as JWTs.

Technical Components


The 3Box Profiles App uses the 3Box.js API (3box-js) for all interactions with the 3Box user data network, including setting, getting, and removing information.

3Box Verifications

The Profiles App relies on the 3box-verifications library to issue and verify Github, Twitter, and Email claims.

3Box Activity

The activity feed populates 3Box activity using 3box-js and Ethereum activity using the 3box-activity library. The 3box-activity library is a wrapper on the Etherscan API which presents public network activity.