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How to Contribute 🛠️

This document provides an overview of how you can contribute to 3Box. We're excited to have you building with us. 🎉

Getting Started

This section contains useful links to get you started building.

View the Project Board

To view our active work, view the 3Box project board or download the Zenhub browser extension.

Join the Chat

Join the 3Box Community so you can connect with other developers and the core team on our Discord Chat.

Report an Issue or Bug

Some guidelines for reporting bugs:

  • Make sure that your issue is caused by the corresponding 3box library and not your application code.
  • Create a simple and minimal test case that demonstrates the bug.
  • Search the issues to see if the bug has already been reported. If it has, add any additional details in the comments.
  • Write a descriptive and specific title.
  • Include browser, OS, 3box library version and any other details specific to the environment.
  • Check whether the bug can be reproduced in other environments (ie. other browsers).

Click one of the links below to create a new issue in the appropriate repo:

Before submitting your changes run npm run lint to find any formatting issues that don't adhere to the original codebase.


This section contains information about the various tools used by our project.

Issues and Stories

We use Github Issues for individual items of work, such as issues, tasks, and stories. Here's an example.

Issue Labels and Tags

We use Github Labels to label issues. Using labels helps keep issue lists and project boards skimmable.


Tech Research

Front End



Content & Community

Customer Development

Project Management

For our kanban or organization board we use Zenhub. To view our active work, you can view the 3Box project board or you can download the Zenhub browser extension to have the project board injected more natively into Github on Chrome or Firefox.

Best Practices

Click here for repo best practices.

  • Dont leave things in done if you are on the core team, since you have the power to take it to closed!

  • Leave closing comments on issues closed but left incomplete or undone, so the community can follow along

  • Submit issues and PRs in the appropriate 3Box repo (we use this one as a project hub)

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