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Automatic and exact conversion of BonesPro modifiers to Skin modifiers tool
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BonesPro-Skin-Converter_Installer_(drag&drop installation files).7z

BonesPro-Skin_Exporter Helper for Autodesk 3ds Max

Automatic and exact conversion of BonesPro modifiers to Skin modifiers. Useful for fast convertion of BonesPro characters for the export as FBX in other software or realtime engines.

Software supported:


Unzip the contents of this zip file into the [maxfolder] directory, for example: c:\3dsmax2019. After you extract the files you can add the script to your interface. It is located in: Customize -> Toolbars -> Group: Main UI Category: -> --3d-io--

Drag the Script to your Toolbar and from there you can execute it anytime.


This script adds a single button to your Interface. Select one or multiple objects in your scene skinned with BonesPro. Press the "BonesPro-Skin_Exporter" button.

Explanation Video

It will instantly add Skin Modifier on the top of your ModifierStack, converting all vertex weights exactly from BonesPro Modifier while preserving it in the ModifierStack in disabled mode as backup for further modifications.

System Requirements

A system with 3ds max, tested with 2019+ and BonesPro installed. Should work with Max 2009+, no guarantee

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