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@clausnagel clausnagel released this Apr 21, 2015 · 1126 commits to master since this release

Significant changes with respect to the previous software version 1.6.0

  • Adaption and extension of the CityGML Importer/Exporter as well as of the KML/ COLLADA Exporter to the new database schema / CityGML 2.0. CityGML 1.0 datasets can be converted on-the-fly into CityGML 2.0. Export and import of CityGML 1.0 datasets are still supported.
  • Performance improvements when reading and writing large CityGML datasets over a network
  • Improved support of 3D city models which use texture atlases regarding a more compact storage and a higher import, export, and visualization performance.
  • Improved handling of 3D models with large coordinate values in the KML/COLLADA Exporter.
  • Both Oracle and PostGIS databases are supported by the same Import/Export tool (there are no longer separate versions of the Import/Export tool).
  • Unified concept for the storage of image data in Oracle and PostGIS.
  • The 3D City Database now shares the same version number.
  • Completely reworked, extended, and updated documentation.

Notable new features and functionalities

  • Support of all new CityGML 2.0 feature types like bridges and tunnels with respect to the previous version of CityGML. Support of CityGML 2.0’s grouping concept for generic attributes.
  • CityGML Solid geometry objects are now stored as 3D solid geometries in Oracle (starting from version 11g) and PostGIS in addition to their decomposition into the individual boundary surfaces.
  • The newly included ‘Spreadsheet Generator’ plugin allows exporting data from a 3D City Database instance into tables. Supported output formats are Microsoft Excel, CSV, and Google Spreadsheets.
  • Schema files of the database schemas are included for Oracle and PostGIS.
  • Support of GenericCityObjects having point and/or line geometries in the KML/ COLLADA Exporter.

Dropped items or functionalities

  • The ‘Merging’ plugin of the previous Importer/Exporter version 1.6.0 was not updated to the new database schema and has been removed.
  • The tool for importing and exporting raster data for Oracle Spatial is no longer supported. Please use third party software instead.
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