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Version 1.2 (09-02-2015)
- Open any file and folder: you can now open any file with its default handler in the 3D World and on the 2D desktop
- Improved on-screen displays which show tool you are holding and which program will be used to open a file
- Seamless focus handling: use alt-tab to switch between the 3D World and other programs
- CMake compilation is now also supported
Version 1.1.1 (18-01-2015)
- Stability improvements
- Cleanups
- Support for compiling on a 64-bit Linux for 32-bit Linux machines
Version 1.1 (14-01-2015)
- No more waiting: fly into your directories instantly, with file previews being loaded asynchronously in the background
- Faster navigation: fly into directories with the approach action
- Better graphics: PDF files now have a PDF icon to show their type, instead of being a boring old gray box
- Fixed stuck WASD keys
- Fixed all warnings
- Cleanups
Version 1.0 (07-01-2015)
Major changes
- Extended audio and video support: more than 100 additional container formats and decoders are now supported through the latest GStreamer 1.4.3
- Better file identification: filetype is now determined by the contents of the file (with libmagic) with the extension of the file as a fallback
- High-resolution video previews: cranked up from the old 256x256 pixels to however high your graphics card supports (eg: 8192x8192)
- More fun: you can now zap away at your files with the lasergun tool! For your own protection, nothing is physically deleted from disk, unless you explicitly configure the program to do so.
- Video input device (eg: webcam) file previews: Video4Linux (V4L2) capture devices are now visible in the 3D world and can be viewed just like your movies!
Minor changes
- Faster navigation by default
- Visible on-screen info by default
- Uncapped framerate by default
- Uncapped texture size by default
- Higher rendering resolution by default
- Lots and lots of code cleanups and comments added
- No more dependency on libsmpeg
This version runs at 1920x1080 resolution while playing 720p H264 video (2048x2048 texture) on a single-core of the Intel Core i7 at 2.90Ghz.
Version 0.0.10:
- quick and dirty: make tdfsb work with freeglut
- quick and dirty: centered view on startup
- execute a custom command
- open a xterm from tdfsb
- added mousewheel support
- more machine independent compile script
- command line option for the startdir
- MP3/MPEG1 playback via SMPEG added
- several bugs fixed (one major)
- several optimizations
- now uses SDL for window/event management (true fullscreen)
- now uses SDL_image for image loading (no gdk-pixbuf anymore)
- still uses glut for stroke fonts
- compiles on Linux, BeOS and FreeBSD
- experimental shell script for compiling /* thanks to Benjamin Burke */
- move multiple directions at once /* by Kyle 'greenfly' Rankin */
- improved cursor key and mouse handling
- fixed the compass, sphere ".." is the northpole
- FPS throttle to leave cpu time for other processes
- selecting an object by pointing at it
- sorting the objects alphabetically /* by Kyle 'greenfly' Rankin */
- find object by first character /* by Kyle 'greenfly' Rankin */
- approach an selected object
- config file handling (read, generate, save)
- changed the navigation (see help)
- minor speed improvements
- handling links (displaying and cd'ing)
- hide . files /* by Marc Berhault */
- starts in $PWD
- crosshair & ground cursor
- automatic filename orientation
- FPS counting
- print misc GL info
- (pseudo) fullscreen mode
- help display /* by Marc Berhault */
- releasing the mouspointer
- command line arguments for window size and position
- reloading current directory
- jump to start position
- 'cd ..' by key
- basic system
- image loading
- text file loading