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Corbachu Disable melee screen shaking
Disabled the screen shaking for the player melee (that references I_Tactile), but set it as a CVAR in case anyone still wants it.

TODO: Weave the entirety of I_Tactile() into DDF and RTS so modders can specify granularity on the effect!!!
Latest commit cf499a8 Jul 14, 2018
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Hyper3dge.app/contents game launches with libjpeg-turbo linked now. May 15, 2016
Makefiles - remove BSD, Linux, and OSX makefiles since they are officially buil… Feb 11, 2018
SCONS linux Makefile fixes (#19) Jun 23, 2016
SDL_kitchensink Kitchensink Disable Jun 25, 2018
build_guide KOSBuild.md update Jun 25, 2018
bzip2 - add zipdir and libraries Jan 26, 2018
coal COAL: Removed assert(sizeof(double))! May 1, 2018
data Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/3dfxdev/hyper3DGE Jul 9, 2018
ddf Update Copyright year May 8, 2018
deh_edge Fixed C++11 compatibility in Dehacked definitions Nov 20, 2017
docs Camera-man improvements (WIP) Jun 2, 2018
epi Cleanup Jul 9, 2018
glbsp General cleanup - compiles without error or warning on 64-bit Xubuntu… Jun 13, 2018
lib_macosx/libpng testing support for jpeg-turbo on mac, removed unnecessary files May 11, 2016
libs ROQ: remove test define May 22, 2018
log Re-added files Aug 2, 2017
lzma - add zipdir and libraries Jan 26, 2018
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modules Added SDL_Kitchensink Jun 21, 2018
quick_setup_scripts Cleanup Jul 9, 2018
src Disable melee screen shaking Jul 14, 2018
timidity General cleanup - compiles without error or warning on 64-bit Xubuntu… Jun 13, 2018
tools CMakeLists tweaks Jun 12, 2018
wadsrc ROTTColumn Jul 9, 2018
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.travis.yml - quiet zipdir in CI's like as this commit from GZDoom: coelckers/gzd… Mar 10, 2018
AUTHORS.md Update AUTHORS.md Apr 20, 2018
CMakeLists.txt CMake now copies DDFs to build directory Jul 8, 2018
INSTALL.txt updated with Library info Sep 21, 2017
README.md DOSDoom->EDGE Rename (1999) Apr 20, 2018
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Welcome to EDGE!

Build status Build Status

EDGE is an advanced OpenGL source port spawned from the DOOM engine, with focus on easy development and expansion for modders and end-users.

(C) 1999-2018 Isotope SoftWorks & Contributors (The EDGE Team)

Uses GPL-licensed technology from id Tech 1-4 (C) 1997-2011 id Software, LLC
DOSDoom originally developed by Chi Hoang and the DOSDoom Team, (C) 1997-1999

Licensed under the GPLv2 (or greater)


See our EDGE Wiki (http://3dfxdev.net/edgewiki/index.php/Main_Page)


Build System for EDGE

To build EDGE, please see the build guides and choose based on your platform and compiler. They are step-by-step guides in order to lessen the amount of fumbling around that was previously noted for new users.


For the list of libraries required by EDGE, please see the following document: docs/tech/libraries.txt.

You can also obtain the pre-compiled libraries by looking in the build_guide, depending on what compiler you are planning to use.


  • Visit the EDGE forums and get involved with the community and the various projects for the engine.
  • The EDGEWiki is also a great resource for editing documentation and other information related to the engine.

(C) 1999 - 2018 Isotope SoftWorks and Contributors (The EDGE Team). All Rights Reserved.