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LyX Templates for Bachelor/Master Thesis

Here you can find some advanced templates for LyX based on 'koma-script' document classes for your study thesis.

LyX - an open source gui tool - allows you to write your thesis and other complex documents in the WYSIWYM method: What You See Is What You Mean - see


All documents in this repository are free for private and commercial use, licensed under the MIT License - see


Since 2002 I started writing a thesis and struggled with Word and LaTeX - both had too many quirks for a pragmatic programmer like me ;) With LyX I found a great compromise of not concerning too much about layouting, but creating highly professional documents for academic use.

With the help of other students (University Rostock, University of applied Sciences Wismar, Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule...) the LyX documents growed and evolved into quite complex templates. These hopefully will be maintained further...


Currently the templates are just taken from a real german Diploma and a german Master thesis and have to be made more common.

Some documents still contain german texts and have to be translated into English.

  • The Master Thesis template is made for University of Applied Science of Wismar, Germany and tested with LyX 2.1.
  • The Diploma Thesis template is made for Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule, Germany and tested with LyX 2.1.

Required Tools


All templates are created/tested with LyX 2.1 (and higher) under Linux and Windows.

For Windows the installation of official LyX-Bundles is advised - see:

Update: The bundles were discontinued due to severe bugs in MikTeX - so now we have to download & install MikTeX or TeX Live (complicated to install under Windows) manually before installing LyX.

Literature Bibliography

To search literature and get entries which can be used for LyX documents you can use the search portal:

JabRef / BibTeX Tool

The embedded bibliography of the LyX templates relies on literatur.bib - a BibTeX file which can be updated with software like JabRef. You can use this free Java app or any other app producing BibTeX files.

Directories and Files

The thesis template (in /thesis/) relies on some path names for included files like BibTeX, images, source etc.

/images/          --> JPEG, PNG, EPS image files to include into thesis
/listings/        --> source code files to include as listings
xxx_Template.lyx  --> LyX main document (the template)
alphadin.bst      --> BibTeX layout and formatting script to render the bibliography pages
literatur.bib     --> BibTeX bibliography with all your literature and web links (updated by JabRef etc.)

Warning: Create a new directory as copy of the here lying /thesis/ for your new thesis. If there are any images or other files mentioned above missing, LyX will produce many errors.


LyX Bachelor/Master Thesis template







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