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A simple IPython/Jupyter widget to embed an interactive 3Dmol.js viewer in a notebook.

The widget is completely static, which means the viewer doesn't need a running IPython kernel to be useful and web pages and presentations generated from the notebook will work as expected. However, this also means there is only one-way communication between the notebook and the viewer.

If you experience problems, please file an issue.

An example notebook


From PyPI:

pip install py3Dmol

Important: In order to use with JupyterLab you must install the JupyterLab extension:

jupyter labextension install jupyterlab_3dmol


Open a notebook

jupyter notebook

and issue

import py3Dmol
view = py3Dmol.view(query='pdb:1ubq')


The returned view object has the exact same API as $3Dmol.GLViewer with the exception that functions return None.



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