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1. Download and install ActiveTCL 8.4 ( not 8.5 or 8.6) e.g.

  • Install it to C:\Tcl (the path is important)

Download the pre-compiled binary for Windows 32- or 64-bit platform

  1. If you use 32bit or 64 bit Windows platform you can use the binary distributions:

    1. download the executable file from: (Tcl/Tk 8.4 has to be installed), save it as C:\PTV\3dptv.exe
    2. download the test folder, extract it to C:\PTV\test and test the software by running the C:\PTV\test\start.bat

2. If you use another platform or you want to compile from the source, download the latest snapshot:

Compilation instructions from source on Windows platform

  1. If you want to compile from the source code on Windows, you recommend downloading the Visual C++ 2010 Express

    Important note for the first-time installation - RESTART YOUR WINDOWS after installing the ActiveTcl and Visual C++

  2. Double-click the 3dptv_vc2010.sln to open the 3DPTV package in Visual C++ 2010 Express.

  3. If all the paths are the same as ours, Build the solution and you should see the 3DPTV software up and running

If you use different paths it is important to:
  1. add \Tcl\Include to the list of included directories
  2. add \Tcl\tcl84.lib and \Tcl\tk84.lib to the additional libraries
  3. on Windows XP it is important to ignore LIBC.LIB and also to use MFC as Static Library

Compilation from source on _nix platforms

  1. Read