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A Unity Plugin for loading 3D Repo Assets into Unity
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A Unity Plugin for loading 3D Repo Assets into Unity

This repository contains:

  • A Sample Unity Project illustrates on how to utilise the library
  • The source code of the library


This project is Copyright of 3D Repo Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales No. 09014101, and is released under the open source GNU Affero General Public License v3. Should you require a commercial license, please contact All contributors are required to sign either the 3D Repo Individual or the 3D Repo Entity Contributor License Agreement (CLA).


We very much encourage contributions to the 3D Repo project. Firstly, fork the desired repository and commit your modifications there. Once happy with the changes, you can generate a pull request and our team will integrate it upstream after a review.

Your pull requests should:

  1. Follow the style of the existing code
  2. One commit should just do one thing, and one thing only
  3. Work in a branch assigned to a specific issue number, e.g. branch called "ISSUE_138"
  4. Each commit message should be prefixed with the issue number, e.g. "ISSUE #138 - Fixing bug xyz..."
  5. Rebase your branch against upstream's master so that we don't pull redundant commits
  6. Sign our 3D Repo Individual CLA or if you are representing a legal entity, sign the 3D Repo Entity CLA

To Get Started

  • Open the Sample Unity Project - a compiled version of the library is already inside.
  • Take a look at ExampleScript.cs, the code in there illustrates how do you go about utilising the dll.
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