A small Python script that facilitates uploading files to a Rackspace CloudFiles account.
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CloudFiles Uploader

I've recently been transferring a lot of my sites and server-based services
over to RackspaceCloud, and part of this meant uploading a fairly large number
of files to the CloudFiles service. The web interface sucks for more than a
few files so I knocked up this quick script to make it easier.


* Python (tested on 2.5.2, will probably work with earlier versions)
* https://github.com/rackspace/python-cloudfiles


Usage: cloudfiles_uploader.py [OPTION]... FILE...
Uploads the specified files to a Rackspace CloudFiles account. The container
will be created if necessary, and existing files will be overwritten.

  -u, --username    your RackspaceCloud API username
  -k, --key         your RackspaceCloud API key
  -c, --container   the destination container name
  -s, --servicenet  set this if you're running in a CloudServer so it will use
                    the local network
  -d, --datacentre  specifies which data centre you're in, "us" or "uk"
                    if ommitted then "us" will be tried first then "uk"
  -q, --quiet       suppress all output except error messages

The username, key and container options are required.


* Stuart Dallas
* 3ft9 Ltd
* http://3ft9.com/
* Email is my first name at the domain name

Last updated: March 19th, 2011 @ 10:27pm